Sunday, December 27, 2009

One more year down....

This year was the best yet. It seems the more parties we do, the more popular we become. This Halloween proved once again, all the party people are out in Chandler and Queen Creek! We did a Trunk or Treat event for the city of Queen Creek on Halloween night. There were over 5000 people who showed up dress in their best costumes. We took over a hundred photos of kids sitting in the back of the Hearse that night. Fun Fun Fun. We also had a Halloween Prom that we supplied the Casket Cooler for. It was by far the hit of the party.
The Dragula was rented out by a local home owner who really gives the professional haunts a run for their money. He had electronics, a full sized saloon and computer controlled skeletons lip (or should I say Jaw) sinking to the Rob Zombie Favorite "Dragula". Hats off to him for the hard work.
We are seeing more and more enthusiast buying their own caskets this time. They still rented from us coolers, but it was interesting to see that new development. Those casket run anywhere from $500 and up!
We have also completed our last CCW Girl for 2009. Voting is being done as to who is the CCW of the year and we will announce her name at the end of January. We are looking for more girls for 2010 so if your interested, hit us up.
Plans for 2010 will include more custom built furniture, more Caskets in our inventory and more wild parties featuring our products! Stay tuned to our web site for more details! But in the mean us up and we will provide you with everything you need to ..."Throw A Party To Die For"

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