Monday, February 22, 2010

January and February CCW Girls???

January's CCW Girl?
So I'm sure your all wondering where the January girl is? Well to be honest, several issues have come up and we just didn't have time for the shoots. We did do a Limo service for a group in January. We took them to a R.O.T.C. Ball. The kids loved the idea of arriving in a Hearse, the parents were a bit concerned. I explained that we do not offer any drinks in the back, nor do we allow it. The windows do not roll down and theres no sunroof. So no crazy antics as we drive down the road. After I let them look in the back, they calmed down.
When we arrived at the Ball, everyone was standing outside waiting to get in. As we pulled up the crowd went silent. I mean they just stopped and stared at the big black Cadillac Hearse that just pulled up. I got out, opened the back up and the kids popped out to a huge roar of cheers. They were the ONLY kids limo'ed in to the dance. We got to park on the walkway by the door so lot's of people poked their heads inside to see what it was all about. Good Times.
We also went down to the Airport to escort our Phoenix Cardinals off to the playoff game against the Saints. We had 4 Hearses show up in support of "Bury The Saints". We even had a huge Death Certificate that hundreds of people signed. Check out the pictures. The players loved it as well.

As I write this, we are half way through the month of February. I assure you the girls will be back! We have two shoots planed. One involves using the actual limo used by "Slash" From the band Guns-N-Roses. We also have planed more variety of cars and Motorcycles for our girls to pose on. Check often to see whats new.
Until next time, stay above the ground but don't hang around!
Eric Unser
CEO Custom Coffin Works

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