Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Drunk Drivers....

So today we had a simple film shoot which involved our 1970 Cadillac Hearse and one Casket. Location was a dead end street with an apartment parking area at the end. The only reason anyone would come down the street is because they live in the 20 or so apartments there. With Grips at the head of the street stopping traffic and my hearse parked at the entrance to the apartments, the filming starts. all is well until about two hours into it when a Yellow Range Rover come barreling down the street towards the film crew. They stopped hima dn gave him directions as he was lost. He akes a U-turn and off he goes...or so we thought. He just went up the block and turned arounf to get more speed hoping to bypass the group of actors and filmographers. Once again he was uccessfully stopped but this time after a short war of words, he lurched his Range Rover ahead and directly into my rear panel of the hearse. Seeing that he ahd just hit the card, he pulled back and drove of into the parking area. Only by luck (or Karma) did he end up returning into the same dead end street to this time confronted by 30 or so angry actors and one very confused hearse owner.
Why was I confused? Well you see after he took off from the scene, no one wanted to come tell me it was just hit. It was only after I seen him pull around and all the actors running toards him did I get involved. I stop the guy and could tell right away that he ahd been drinking Vodka or something close to it. After he blew a 3.9 and was hualed off to jail it started to sink in that my hearse has been damaged.
The damage is to the rear panel behind the right tire. It is still drivable but my concern is that the insureance is going to "Total" the car out and I'll never see the beauty again.
I'll try to keep you all up to date as to what happens. Right now he sits in jail for 45 days minum. Grrr.....

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