Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comedy Central Short Film

May 17Th 2009,
I get a call late in the evening about renting a casket for a few hours on Monday. After calling the customer back I find that they are doing a short film for Comedy Central. everything is still hush, hush right now, but I can tell you that they had me going all over the place with the hearse. We ended up at a local cemetery here in North Phoenix and did about two hours of film. I got the script to read and agreed they were on to something funny.
So picture the scene. I'm sitting in a 1970 Black Cadillac Hearse, waiting for someone in the middle of a busy cemetery. I say busy because I have never seen s many people stopping by to pay their respects the the grave markers. So after about 15 minutes of sitting there I get a call from the production manager as to how to get there from where they were. Great another 15-20 minutes of lurking around in a cemetery with my non-descript car. Not to mention there is a working funeral home on site. I'm sure they were giving me a good hard look too. I would have loved to hear what was going on in there offices as they looked out to see me just sitting there waiting.
They finally arrive and get out of the truck. Three people total. An extra (truck owner) an Actor and a Filmographer. The production guy approaches me and asks if I'm the guy who rents the caskets. Turns out he didn't know I was driving a hearse to boot! He about creamed himself when he seen the hearse. "Rewrite!" Now the hearse is involved and I'm driving it in the short clip. Woot! I'm an Actor & stunt driver! I will update this blog when the film is done and sent to me. Until then I would assume it is sole property of the producer.
He will put our name in the credits and send me a copy of the film when done, if Comedy Central runs it or not.
Eric Unser
Custom Coffin Works.com

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